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  1. Dear boys and men,
    “I was overcome by lust”. BULLSHIT. WHO remains sexually turned on by a crying miserable woman? Who continues to badger a sobbing woman, breaking her down to his advantage? Someone who revels in power and control. Someone who preys upon the vulnerable to get his selfish needs met. Dear boys and men, it has NOTHING to do with hormones…NOTHING to do with age. A REAL man, a better man, A GOOD PERSON simply doesn’t take advantage of a situation like this. Yes, lust is a very strong emotion/sensation, but you are absolutely capable of-and obligated to- control your actions!!!! Is your lust over-ridding someone’s heartache, despondence and objections? THEN YOU WALK AWAY. What this sick, irresponsible, miniscule male(I won’t call him a man) is saying is complete BULLSHIT. What a massive pipsquilly.

    TheGohst, THANK YOU for your continued bravery.

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  2. Oh my god… I recognize the voice. I am so so sorry this happened to you. You did nothing wrong, do not blame yourself ever. You were cohersed (however that’s spelled) into saying yes. Honesty I came to this page thinking it was a hate scam. But thank you for sharing. As soon as I opened the video and heard that man speak my heart stopped. What a disappointment to find out what he truly is. I am so so sorry you had to go through this.


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